The Road to Psychology Help

By the end of my son, Mr. Lala’s second grade, I took him to a psychologist because he demonstrated the classical ADHD symptoms.  Luckily for me, it was a great step towards knowledge, acceptance and improvement.

None of his teachers at school mentioned anything about ADHD to us even though they talked to us about Mr. Lala’s messiness, talkativeness, and unacceptable behaviors (he liked to take off his shoes in the classroom!).  My suspicion of something was not quite all right drove me to research on all possible childhood mental diseases. I pinned it down to ADHD even though his Daddy was laughing at me for playing Dr. again. To give Daddy credit, I once “diagnosed” him with a mini stroke and once skin cancer, and made him rush to his Dr.. Upon examination,  it was respectively an upset stomach and a mole. The Dr. laughed his butt off and wanted to know which medical school I have been to!

But my instinct about ADHD was right.  I went to his regular pediatric Dr. first, a lady with a football-player physique and demeanor.  Her impression was that “why this kid couldn’t sit still” and suspected ADHD as well.  She recommended some psychologists.  And said we could come back to her for ADHD medication once Mr. Lala was diagnosed. I didn’t quite like the sound of “medication”.

However, those psychologists weren’t in my insurance network.  So I searched through my company’s employee help program which provides five free psychology sessions.  It is not easy to find the right Dr. based on the limited information on each Dr.’s bio.  So the criteria I used is simply that I wanted a male Dr. and a Dr. experienced with treating children.

I called two final candidates. After talking to them both over the phone, I was quite assured by the calm and gentle voice of Dr. Eisenberg.  And that calm and gentle voice has since guided Mr. Lala and me through moments of doubts, worries, and enlightenment.



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