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The Habit of Gratitude

“Our mind is Velcro for negative experiences but Teflon for happy experiences.” I recently read this sentence and couldn’t help but chuckle.  How true! When you have a special-needs child or when you are in any stressful situation, it is so much easier to complain, to fear, to worry than to feel grateful, to remember all the good things in your life, to remember the wonderful moments with your child. But if we can flip on the mental switch of gratitude, then a lot of frustrations will melt away, almost instantly.

I have been practicing this gratitude habit for merely one week.  But it works. I usually hate, hate, hate hot weather.  During this heat wave that blankets the U.S., instead of bitching about the 109F temperature like I always do, I consciously said “thank you” for having AC and for the firefighters combating the blazing bush fires.  It actually makes the heat more bearable. And I just saw a picture of 141F temperature somewhere in Iraq. Oh, what we have is nothing.

This should probably be the attitude for dealing with ADHD or other challenges as well. When things are put into perspective, it is just not so bad and we should be thankful it not being worse.

I am always reminded of this when we take Lala to the Children’s Hospital for his medical conditions.  There you will see kids with bald heads, possibly due to cancer treatment.  You will see kids who are wheel-chair bound or have no or very limited cognitive abilities.  But you will also see their parents or caregivers trudging through it with them.  They are so brave.  At the moment, you will realize that God has not dealt you a very bad hand.  And you will stop asking “why does this happen to me..”

So next time when Lala rolls on the ground and refuses to do his homework, I will think about how grateful I am for:

Having a family that supports me;

Having two psychologists (one for Lala and one for me) to guide us through this journey;

Having good books that give me inspirations;

Lala having a good and loving heart and willing to try – it must have been hard for him too;

And again, having AC during this hot hot weather.


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