The Piano Guys cellist has ADHD

Last night I went to a concert of one of my favorite music groups The Piano Guys (check out their Youtube channel if you never heard of them).  It was fantastic – the music and humor was great.  But most importantly, the cellist Steve talked about that as a child with severe ADHD, how his father didn’t let him quit.  And you see, his group now has hit 1 billion views on Youtube, has six albums and they tour internationally to sold-out concerts.

His message is to never quit music, but it is also true for everything else.  By seeing how successful he is, I think now I have a good role model for my son.

This afternoon I went to a send-off party for class 2020 for my alma mater.  It is a very difficult school to get in.  So I connected and listened to several parents and students for advice.  It inspired me.  It would be a monumental effort for me to get any of my kids into the school, but at least I have a goal and I can learn from other parents.

School is going to start soon.  A busy new year ahead.  I am sure there will be triumphs and heartaches.  But never quit.  Never quit on the kids.  And never let the kids quit.  If Steve can do it, there is future for my kid.

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