New School Year, New Challenges

It was a rough beginning. Lala refused to do work on Saturday and on Sunday got into a fight with his brother.  I lost it on both days.

His Chinese was definitely getting better. And compared to last year, his behavior was still better.  But it seems that he developed or some of his old habits got worse during the summer.  I remember that by the end of last semester, he was pretty docile and disciplined.  But after a month and half of free time with my family, he started to do the following:

  1. Lie. He would lie to you until you threaten him that you know the truth and he would lose privilege if he continues to lie;
  2. Refuse to do work when you called. He would just sit there and ignore you;
  3. When you yell at him and try to reason with him, he would just roll his eyes at you;
  4. When he gets really angry, he would curse under his breath so you won’t hear clearly but you know that he is cursing;
  5. He kicks and hits his little brother.

It seems that all his problems and eruptions are all related to the playtime. He threw tantrums because we asked him to stop playing ipads or watching TV.  He got into fight with his brother during ipad or TV time.  It seems that the only thing he cared about is ipad and TV.  As a result, I disconnected the TV because he refused to do work.  And I brought the ipads to work so no one can play with it during the week.

But he was doing pretty well during school days.  He only forgot to bring back his homework for one day.  And he hasn’t lost any of his lunch containers – food is his passion.

To try to help Lala increase his focus, I am exploring the idea of mindfulness meditation.  Based on a number of books, it seems that mindfulness meditation can really help to train the mind to focus and calm down.  And eventually, it would even change the neurological settings of the prefrontal cortex, and help alleviate ADHD.  I am definitely trying this.  I have been meditate on and off for a while.  It does have a calming effect and I think I sleep better now because of it.  So I am trying to teach it to both kids.  I even found a book that teaches mindfulness to kids.  Let’s see whether it works out in the long run.

I just need to remind myself, for a child with ADHD, he is doing pretty well.  His math even exceeded state standard and landed in the top 14% of the entire state student population.  It is a lot of hard work from him and us. And it tells us that he is not retarded.  He might be quite smart.  So, we will continue this fight.



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